Workshop & Webcast

Wednesday & Thursday, 24 - 25 October 2018
Crowne Plaza Hotel
- Geneva, Switzerland

The Novel Construction Initiative Fall Session took place in Geneva on Wednesday and Thursday, 24 - 25 October 2018. We would like to thank everyone for their active participation and collaboration.

To view the agenda of the meeting including the Novel Initiatives presented, please click here. 

The current working groups: 


Earthworks & CrossingsPaul Andrews (Fluor)e-mail
Welding & NDTGustavo Guaytimae-mail
New Trends & InnovationMustafa Abusalah (CCC)e-mail
CoatingsSomaieh Salehpour (Shawcor Ltd)e-mail
EnvironmentSue Sljivic (RSK)e-mail
LogisticsBruno Pomaré (Spiecapag)e-mail
Pre-CommissioningVincenzo Calabria (Sicim)e-mail
BendingGeert Dieperink (Maats)e-mail 
Health & SafetyAlain Gauthiez (Spiecapag)e-mail

The meetings were held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel where people from different companies gathered for a productive session to discuss new construction technologies. Below are the Video record of the presentations

Hassan Albalawi, Wakecap

Wakecap Innovative Safety Solution

Yannick Joubeaux, Overpipe

Can we still innovate in the Onshore Lines Protections?

Michael Lubberger, Herrenknecht AG

Offshore meets Onshore: Trenchless Solutions for Pipeline Landfalls 

Thomas Löffler, DENSO GmbH

The Interaction of Cathodic Protection with Coatings on Pipelines

Jorge Prince & Jason LaValley, LaValley Industries

 Increased Safety and Efficiency Utilizing Mechanical Grapple Technology in Pipe Handling

Somaieh Salehpour, Shawcor Ltd

Advancements in Field Joint Coatings for Onshore and Subsea Pipelines

Thierry Kerzehro, GRT Gas

A decision Support Tool for best possible Coating Selection during Trenchless Pipe Installations