Workshop & Webcast

Wednesday & Thursday, 25 - 26 October 2017
Crowne Plaza Hotel
- Geneva, Switzerland

The Novel Construction Initiative Fall Plenary Session took place in Geneva on Wednesday and Thursday, 25 - 26 October 2017. We would like to thank everyone for their active participation and collaboration.

To view the agenda of the meeting including the Novel Initiatives presented, please click here. 

The current working groups: 

Planning & DesignCriss Shipman (G.I.E.)e-mail
Earthworks & CrossingsPaul Andrews (Fluor)e-mail
Welding & NDTGustavo Guaytima (TransCanada)e-mail
New Trends & InnovationMustafa Abusalah (CCC)e-mail
CoatingsFrits Doddema (Seal for Life)e-mail
EnvironmentSue Sljivic (RSK)e-mail
LogisticsBruno Pomaré (Spiecapag)e-mail
Pre-CommissioningVincenzo Calabria (Sicim)e-mail
BendingGeert Dieperink (Maats)e-mail 
Health & SafetyAlain Gauthiez (Spiecapag)e-mail

The meetings were held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel where people from different companies gathered for a productive session to discuss new construction technologies. Below are the Video record of the presentations

Angelina Parlato, Saipem

Engineering Assessment for Temporary Wooden Line-pipe Support AND Bridging Buried Pipelines: Some Options and Recent Tests..

Daniel Philippron, P-Laser

Ecological, less  energy  used, better  control of  created  waste are  driving  factors  for  new cleaning  technologies..

Jason LaValley and Jorge Prince, LaValley Industries

Wrenches are typically rated for less than  50,000  ft /lbs . of  torque. When wrenches break under load, they  often release shrapnel like metal fragments..

Nicolas Thizy, Caterpillar Sarl, Guillaume Richer, Airware

Airware Cloud solution provides image processing and terrain analysis for Construction industry..

Jean-Christophe Barth-Coullaré, HASE Solutions

Dispute Avoidance in Infrastructure Projects,. Getting from commercial posturing to dispute avoiudance and value delivery